Why an Independent Agent is a Smart Choice for Business Insurance

Business owners can appreciate the value of smart decisions. So, when it comes to business insurance, why is an independent insurance agent a better choice?

Insurance agents are generally captive or independent. A captive agent represents the products of a single company. An independent insurance agent, on the other hand, has the freedom to work with a wide network of companies. If you believe choice and options are a good thing in business, this alone makes choosing an independent agent the superior choice. But it goes even deeper than that.

Since an independent agent can work with a variety of companies, they can shop for better coverage and rates. This is critical in business insurance.

You see different companies have different management and profit strategies. Some may advertise a lot, believing big advertising drives customers and keeps costs down. Some smaller, lesser known companies may not advertise at all, passing those savings on to policyholders. We just believe in the bottom line and seek out great coverage at affordable prices.

Finally, when it comes to business insurance, each company has their own experience with the type of businesses they insure. If a particular company has had good experiences insuring your type of company, that may translate into better rates. Alternatively, if an insurance company has had bad experiences or suffered more losses from insuring companies similar to yours, their quoted premiums may be higher.

Other factors could include their experience in working with small, medium or large businesses, their own credit rating standards and more.

In the end, the coverage you can get for the rate you pay will likely be the deciding factor, and we are more than willing to do the legwork.

Contact one of our independent business insurance specialists and start the process today. With some basic information about your company, we’ll get started seeking out quotes for you to review.

You are always in control and the final choice is yours. We believe, however, that when you experience the value of working with an independent business insurance agent, you will remain a client of ours for years to come.

Be Confidently Insured.

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