Springtime Vehicle Inspection!

Be gentle on your car–it has just endured months of the icy, treacherous conditions of driving in the winter. The frigid temperatures can be brutal on your car. For one, the temperatures make it more difficult for the battery to deliver the necessary supply of current for the engine. Additionally, the fluids that help your car run effectively are thickened by the cold. This makes it more difficult to get the fluids where they need to go. The pressure of the air in your tires is effected. Even the road salt can cause damage to your car. Overall, the weather conditions in the winter cause your car to suffer a little.

Spring and Summer time is vacation time. As I plan trips, I always think about my car and what kind of maintenance it needs. Where do I go for advice? The internet, of course. Here I have put together a list of the tips I found for you. Before you take your vacation in the warmer months, be sure to take care of your vehicle to ensure safe travels!

  1. The most basic car advice: Change your oil! If you don’t know how to do it yourself, find a reliable mechanic to do it. Check your vehicle manual about the type of oil that is suitable for your specific car. They will advise which oil would be the best for your car. When your oil is dirty, your car doesn’t perform as efficiently, leading to higher fuel consumption and engine damage. Check your vehicle manual to see how often an oil change is recommended.
  2. Take advantage of the warmer weather and get your windshield fixed. Having an uncracked windshield gives you a greater sense of safety while traveling.
  3. Time to replace your windshield wipers as well! When your windshield is coated in ice and snow, it can cause damage to the blades of the wipers. As a result, your wipers can create damage to your windshield. Replacing the wipers every six months to a year will ensure they are working effectively as well!
  4. This is important: be sure to check your lights! Once, I had a fellow honk at me to inform me my right brake light was out. If he didn’t let me know, would I have ever thought to look? Sometimes we just need a little reminder for the small things that escape our minds during the daily routine. Check your lights to be sure they are working!
  5. Check your tires, or have a professional check them for you. Check the tread and the air pressure.
  6. Replace filters if necessary. Have your engine air filter, cabin air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, and all other filters checked to see if they need to be changed out. Again, this helps your vehicle run smoothly and effectively!

Having a professional take a look at your vehicle may be the best way to ensure your safety while in your car.

By: KayLynn P.

Be Confidently Insured.

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