You May Never View Your House the Same Again

Humans tend to personalize and internalize many of our possessions. Some of us have a lucky tie, shirt or even a pair of socks we may wear on an important day. There are those of us who refer to our cars as “she” and may even give it a name. You may even talk to plants and most who have pets have spoken to them, even when alone.

Few of us, however, regard our homes in such a personal way.

Oh, we may have our favorite recliner or lounge chair but few view their houses with human qualities. Here’s a new way to view your home that may change the way you view it forever.

Your Front Door is Its Smile

You want it to look great and inviting and certainly want to keep it clean and spotless. Our front doors, like our smiles, are often what makes the first impression on those you meet. Invest in a solid one and keep it maintained, and it will serve you well!

Landscaping is Grooming

You don’t have to have tiered gardens or fountains to have a well-manicured lawn. Good yard grooming habits include keeping the yard mowed with a mower with sharp blades, trimming the edges neat and trimming bushes. Adding a splash of flowers can add some color or interest.

Your HVAC System is Your Homes Lungs

This thought alone should encourage you to change air filters in your HVAC system more frequently. It may also cause you to consider a duct cleaning every several years. It may be why, if you smoke, you may want to do so outside and add live plants indoors to help freshen air.

Your Plumbing is Its Circulatory and Digestive System

If you have a dishwasher you don’t often use, run it occasionally to make sure it is not leaking. The same with showers, sinks and toilets in spare bathrooms. Of course, never put anything down a drain your home can’t digest.

Giving your home some human traits just may help you better appreciate the systems that serve you so well on a daily basis.

Home insurance can help you recover financially should you have a covered loss or should you be held accountable if someone is hurt on your property. To a great degree, it helps to serve and protect the health of your home. Contact one of our independent insurance agents to get an updated quote today. We look forward to assisting you!

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