Smartphones: How and How Much We Use Them May Surprise You

How much time do you spend on your smartphone each day? How many times per day do you think you tap on or swipe the screen? Just how many people own cellphones? Considering we didn’t start calling them smartphones until 1995, these little devices now hold a firm place in our lives. In fact, recent surveys indicate that almost 50% of us say we “couldn’t live without” our smartphones. It is just one fact about smartphones that may surprise you.

How much time do we spend on our smartphones?

The average American spends about 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on their smartphones. That’s almost three hours, roughly the time it takes to watch a Major League Baseball game…everyday.

How often will users tap or swipe their phones each day?

Smartphone users will tap or click on their smartphone almost 2,700 times each and every day.

Just how many people own smartphones?

As of 2019, the number of worldwide smartphone users has climbed to 2.71 billion users. That number has grown by 100 million in the last year alone!

We check our smartphones A LOT.

Over a third of smartphone users in the United States check their smartphones at least twice each hour.

What country has the most smartphone users?

It may not be a surprise that China has the most smartphone users at 782 million. The country with the highest penetration of smartphone users is the United Arab Emirates (about 82% smartphone usage with the lowest being Bangladesh (less than 5.5%).

What about young people?

If it seems every young person is looking down at their smartphone, it may be because of people 18-29, almost 95% have a smartphone.

Then how about seniors?

Senior use is high as well. Research indicates that 46% of those aged 65 or older are using smartphones. Not just cellphones, but smartphones.

How much smartphone use is attributed to apps?

This is a bit amazing. Surveys say that 89% of all smartphone use involves some app or another. Only 11% of people visit websites directly on their smartphones. 

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