Today, we are all absolutely absorbed in technology. Myself included. Our cell phones are glued to our hands, our eyes are glued to the screen. A question pops into your head, and it’s so easy to get onto our cell phone’s internet and Google the answer—that’s if you can hold onto the thought long enough to remember what the question was in the first place.

Research shows that a human being’s attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. Let that sink in. I actually laughed out loud when I read that, though I, myself, am also a human being with an eight-second attention span (compared to a nine-second span for a goldfish.) Our minds are moving so quickly, from one thought to the next before we can even finish the first one. No doubt, it’s because of the advancement in technology and how quick the internet has become.

With our minds moving at an estimated seven and a half thoughts per minute, what does that do to our general well-being? More students than ever are reporting overwhelming anxiety levels. The first symptom listed of anxiety is “excessive, ongoing worry.” How many of you can relate to that statement? Constantly stressed out about your circumstances, and where the future of both you and the rest of the world is headed? I relate.

Slow. Down.

Your mind is running non-stop, your hands become sweaty, your breathing becomes abnormal. The uncertainty of the future runs your anxiety levels higher than normal.


Take a deep breath.

The benefits of meditation go beyond anything external. The point of meditation is to try to train your brain to let your thoughts pass. Can you imagine? A thought comes, and you simply let it go. How many of you allow yourself to do that? Or do you have a thought, which leads to another thought, which leads to a question, which leads to—anxiety.



Be Confidently Insured.

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