Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

Do you know the mysteries that lie within the pages of your homeowner’s insurance policy? Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t.

There are several reasons for this. Many homeowners only review their policies when they are either purchased or a potential claim may be made. It may be years before a homeowners’ policy is even looked at again. That means many of the provisions are either forgotten about or inadequate. Getting a homeowner’s insurance policy review can uncover these mysteries Here are a few.

Do You Have Flood Insurance?

Some believe flood insurance is a basic part of any home insurance policy and that is just not true. Flood insurance is separate coverage under the auspices of FEMA and must be secured above and beyond your basic policy. Your independent insurance agent can help you acquire flood insurance on your home.

Policy Limits

If you haven’t reviewed you home insurance policy in five, ten, fifteen years or more, it may no longer provide the coverage you thought it did. An insurance review can help you determine if your limits are still adequate.

Updates to Your Property

You likely have made improvements to your property over the years and some of those changes may impact your homeowners insurance. Perhaps you added a room, deck or sunroom. You may have constructed a fence, outbuilding or added a pool. These changes may add to the value of your home, and, in some cases, (like the pool) may increase your liability risks. Again, a homeowners’ insurance policy review can help update your coverage.

The bottom line is that homeowners’ insurance policies often go forgotten, until they are needed. By then they may not provide the coverage you thought or need. This is why it is worth the effort to contact one of our independent insurance agents to get a no cost, no obligation review. If you don’t need an update, terrific. On the other hand, we may discover ways to improve your coverage and even save you on your home insurance premiums. If you wait, you just may forget again! Contact us for your review today!

Be Confidently Insured.

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