Creating a Legacy Through Life Insurance

There are times when we may feel a bit insignificant and that we may not be able to make the impact we once thought we could. Many people are finding that peace of mind and sense of satisfaction by purchasing life insurance and providing funding for a non-profit or other cause they may have supported through their lives. Others may leave a significant amount via life insurance proceeds to children, grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren to establish their legacy.

The point is that if you would like to leave something behind, an amount of money that a non-profit or relatives can benefit from, life insurance is a perfect way to do it.

First of all, life insurance proceeds are non-taxable, although you should consult an accountant. Secondly, the value you provide the people or causes you leave behind can be multiplied time and time again through a life insurance policy.

For young grandparents, a few dollars a month can provide thousands of dollars in proceeds for grandchildren who may ultimately use the funds for an education or to get a leg up on life. A modest investment in a life insurance policy can be used to leave an impact on a non-profit normally reserved for those of only immense wealth. Access to life insurance can elevate your level of giving tremendously.

Perhaps, however, the best legacy is to leave proceeds of a life insurance policy for the one closest to you. While a loved one may be mourning your loss, they can take comfort in knowing they will be provided for years to come. They can take solace in the fact that their home will be paid for, and they will not have to compromise their lifestyle. They can move forward without debt, financial worries, or stress. This is a magnificent legacy that you can achieve by simply getting an adequate amount of life insurance.

No, not all life insurance is equal. There is term insurance designed to help protect your family through the most vulnerable years of your life. There is whole life or permanent life insurance that will be there for you as long as premiums are paid. There are policies that offer exceptional protection while also having a savings’ element that proves valuable for emergencies or opportunities in the future.

We understand life insurance may not be the most uplifting or exciting subject to discuss. If you want to create long term peace of mind and satisfaction, however, consider the legacy you can leave through its purchase. Contact us. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your lasting goals through life insurance.

Be Confidently Insured.

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