The Unseen Value of New Windows for Your Home

Few home improvements make a more powerful difference in a home than new, modern, energy-efficient windows. Inside and out, new windows look great. Yet most of the value in new windows is unseen. Here’s a quick look.

Sound Insulation

New quality windows can make a dramatic difference to the interior sound quality of your home. Do you have a neighbor who likes to mow his lawn at 7am on Saturday mornings? No problem. Live on a busy street with truck or motorcycle traffic? Does the guy across the street enjoy his classic rock a little too loud? Many owners are surprised at the significant reduction in interior noise. New windows also won’t rattle like those old aluminum ones in a thunderstorm.

Weather Insulation

While appearance is important, energy savings tops the list of why homeowners choose to purchase new windows. How bad are your current windows? Place your hand on the glass. If the glass feels warm in summer and cool in the winter, it is the transferring outside temperature inside. That doesn’t even take into account air leaks that can develop in older windows over time. New windows can improve interior comfort while saving enough energy to help pay for them.

Improved Security

Home security has become increasingly important to homeowners. Along with adding security systems and cameras, many are opting for double pane and laminated glass windows that improve home security. This can also help minimize damage in areas where high winds can be a problem.

Increased Value

Certainly, a significant improvement like new windows will improve the cash value of a home, but it also improves value in other ways. The interior sound in a home is quieter and more solid. Lower energy bills are attractive to future buyers. A home with new, insulated windows just feels more comfortable and valuable.

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