How a Video Security System Can Benefit Your Business

The costs of video surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has become increasingly affordable over the past several years. This has made it a more viable option for both medium and even small businesses. While most view video as a way to fend off potential outside threats, the value of such a system extends far beyond outside security. Here is a look at how a video surveillance system can benefit a business in multiple ways.

External Security

For many, protection from outside threats is the primary purpose of a video camera system. The presence of cameras and even the signage alone can give pause to never-do-wells. Outside video cameras can be particularly effective for car lots and others with inventory stored outside.

Internal Security

Video cameras within the walls of a business can deter employee theft, a multi-billion dollar problem. Recent research has indicated even for small businesses, employee theft can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Even if an internal video system doesn’t eliminate all those pens, paper towels and reams of paper from being stolen, it should minimize the problem. Unless, of course, your video cameras are stolen by an employee. If that’s the case, it’s time to review hiring practices.

Cameras Can Prevent Shoplifting

For those who have a retail location, video cameras can limit or prevent shoplifting. When shoplifting does occur, it can serve as powerful evidence of the crime. Cameras and prominently displayed signage indicating their presence can be effective.

Minimize False Liability Claims

Slip and falls and other liability claims can be expensive for both businesses and their insurance companies. False liability claims too often add to the problem. A video system can capture whether a liability claim is valid or suspicious.

Cameras May Improve Quality

Once cameras have been put in place, many companies see a rise in the quality of work being performed. Cameras help hold employees accountable, and the results can be positive.

A Video Security System Can Reduce Insurance Rates

Because cameras improve internal and external security, minimize false liability claims and improve over-all security, many insurance companies offer discounts for businesses that employ them. This is particularly true when they are professionally installed and monitored.

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