Work From Home Side Hustles

Although the term “side hustle” has some negative connotations, more people than you think have one. “Side hustle” is, of course, the term given to a part-time activity used to generate extra income. From ride sharing to pet-sitting, it is estimated that about 34% of us have a side hustle.

If you are thinking about doing something to earn a little cash but delivering groceries or restaurant food isn’t your thing, here are some alternative options.

Pet Care

Families love their pets and are often willing to pay to have someone check in on them when they go on vacation or head out for a long weekend. Pet sitting can be an easy way to add to your bank account, especially if you love pets. Dog walking is another side hustle that is fun, easy, and good exercise.


You don’t have to have a Master’s Degree to provide some additional help for students. Tutoring can be enjoyable, especially if you enjoy the subject you are helping with. Students can be tutored one-on-one or in small groups, or even through video streaming. There may even be opportunities to tutor adults in a craft or skill you’ve developed through the years.

Start a Blog

It may take some time to build an audience, but if you are good at expressing yourself and have an interesting subject matter, you can begin making some spare cash by blogging or creating video blogs. Make sure you add new content at least weekly.

Sell Homemade Items

Do you have sewing, knitting, or woodworking skills? Selling hand-crafted items allows you to express yourself creatively while making some extra money. You can really improve your sales and profit margins by offering personalized and one-of-a-kind items. There are plenty of online resources to market items.

You should be aware that, at some point, a side hustle can become a business or activity that can put you at risk. Renting out a room, for example, could impact your home insurance. If you deliver food or ride share, it could affect your car insurance. If you use your home for business, you should see if you should have business insurance. We can help. Coverage for your home-based business is frequently very affordable. You can get a no-obligation quote by contacting one of our business insurance agents. Make sure you aren’t taking any unnecessary risks and contact us today.

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